Wood Industry

WERTHOLZ – Service Providers to the Industry

WERTHOLZ – Service Providers to the Industry

Central to companies in the pulp, paper and board industry is to ensure a continuous and uninterrupted raw material supply of their works. The buying market for roundwood, however, is highly competitive. It follows its own rules, so without good knowledge of the market and excellent market connections, it can be very difficult to ensure the required security of supply.

WERTHOLZ has been a reliable partner to the forest and roundwood-processing industry since 1989 and handles all the tasks necessary to ensure that the required quantities of industrial timber in the specified dimensions and qualities are available for further processing on time. In accordance with our customers’ specifications, we offer industrial timber in the required quality. Due to our long-standing good relations in the forestry industry, we are capable of ensuring security of supply to the industrial operations we deliver to.

In accordance with our customers’ specifications, we offer industrial timber in the required quality.

Supply Chain Management

Procuring industrial timber is different altogether from purchasing any other raw materials needed by the industry. By the time the industrial timber is ready for the production process, services provided by a number of involved parties – from timber harvesting to timber preparation, transport and storage management – have to be co-ordinated. WERTHOLZ relieves its customers from this burden, thus making the whole procurement process straightforward and easy to schedule.

To be able to buy timber in the required quality and quantity, not only good market connections, but also comprehensive knowledge on business and legal standards are required. Equally necessary are the relevant timber trade usances that may differ, depending on where the timber is purchased.

More than 40 years of market experience guarantee WERTHOLZ customers that the amount of industrial timber they require will be available at the agreed time, according to their specifications. Acting as our customers’ “external purchasing department”, we offer security of supply at the best price-performance ratio available.


For Customers

As a processor of roundwood, are you looking for a reliable and professional partner to supply your manufacturing business? WERTHOLZ supplies the right qualities at the right time, guaranteeing maximum satisfaction and reliability. Please do not hesitate to send us an enquiry.

For Suppliers

Looking for a reliable and professional buyer for your roundwood? WERTHOLZ guarantees maximum satisfaction and reliability. We are a one-stop shop and cover everything from timber removal and transport to billing. Please send us an enquiry and we will be happy to contact you for a quote.